Errata for iOS Animations by Tutorials v2.1

This topic is for bugs, typos, and other mistakes in iOS Animations by Tutorials v2.1.

Page 128, “println” -> “print”

Compilation error in page 188.

My Xcode is version 7.3.

Above code has to be following.

delay(seconds: 4.0, completion: foundOpponent)

Same error exists in Page 189, too.

Page 14

If you want to try things out on a physical iOS device, you’ll need a developer account with Apple, which you can obtain for free. However, all the sample projects in this book will work just fine in the iOS Simulator bundled with Xcode, so the paid developer account is completely optional.

This is not the case anymore since, at least, last WWDC: anyone can use their own devices without a dev account.

Page 284

In the second code box, the parameter transitionContext needs to be declared as an optional (that is, UIViewControllerContextTransitioning?), so that it appears as follows:

func transitionDuration(transitionContext: 
UIViewControllerContextTransitioning?) -> NSTimeInterval {
    return 0 

Page 284

Although there is no explicit mention in the RW Swift style guide, the bracket that opens a closure of any kind (function, class, extension, etc) is always preceded by a space.

This means that the code block at the bottom of the page should read:

extension ViewController: UIViewControllerTransitioningDelegate {

Page 299.

“animateTranstion” -> “animateTransition”

around chapter 8 in places where the reader is asked to add code to viewDidAppear or viewWillAppear is wrong, seems it is interchanged. For example, chapter 9 page 146 instructs to add flyLeft layer animation object and properties to viewDidAppear which makes sure the animation doesnt play out when the app is run. help

Should we open a new channel for errata in 3.1 ?