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Errata for Flutter Apprentice 2nd Edition

Creating this topic to catch any typos and bugs in the 2nd Edition of Flutter Apprentice.


Since you asked for typos as well: “Building an app for you[missing: “r”] own devices is great; sharing your app with the world is even better!” @ vi.introduction

@ddkrueger Thanks! We’ll fix in the next release.

hello. in chapter 3, Basic Widgets, you’re supposed to enter this line:

final theme = FooderlichTheme.dark();

and use the theme variable to set the text styles for the appbar and body text. However, i get an error then and am unable to build. The compiler gives the error as “Invalid constant value”. see screenshot below:

this was using Flutter 2.5.2 stable

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Hi @dee_odee you have to remove const from your text widget, it should look something like this:

        appBar: AppBar(
          title: Text('Fooderlich',
                      // 4
                      style: theme.textTheme.headline6,

You can’t use const in this case because the style/theme could potentially change.

Similarly remove const from the Center widget for the same reason.


thanks, that was it.

On chapter 7 and 8, the Navigator 2.0 diagram has the block of RouteInformationProvider repeated.

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@alexg011 thank you! This is a good catch. We will get this fixed as soon as possible!

The correct diagram should be

RouteInformationProvider → RouteInformationParser

RouteInformationProvider provides the route information, and passes it to the RouteInformationParser to extract user-defined data type, query parameters etc.

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errata typo, won’d → won’t within Flutter Apprentice, Chapter 2: Hello, Flutter |

In this specific case you won’d notice any change in the UI.

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Typo in State Object Lifecycle diagram:

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Thank you @mattbh we will get this fixed soon!

I think I’ve found that you missed a Row() in a Code Snippet.
In chapter 6.12 Finishing GroceryTile → Adding the first row
In this snippet theres no Row(children[]) around everything so the GroceryTile is not shown correctly.

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@awl thank you this is a really good catch, will get this fixed in the next batch.

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@awl thanks for spotting this!

Note to team. Same issue reported here Errata for Flutter Apprentice 2nd Edition - #14 by awl

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Hey again :wave:
In chapter 7.10 there is a point which could lead to confusion.
Managing your app state → Initializing the app → Point 7.
" 7. Sets a delayed timer for 2,000 milliseconds before executing the closure. This sets how long the app screen will display after the user starts the app."
I think with app screen is ment app splash screen. Not that crucial but I thought I’d report it neverthless.

PS: I really enjoy reading this book and programming along! I’m pretty new to Flutter and I learned much about it. Props to the authors! :fire:

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Thanks @awl we will keep this in mind for our following update :slight_smile:

Chapter 4, Examining the widget tree

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Thanks @i3games for catching this! We will fix this in a following update!

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In chapter 1, getting started, the following sentence is a bit misleading:

Most importantly, Google built the Dart VM into the Chrome browser, allowing web apps written in Dart to run at native speeds.

While it is true that Google built a version of Chrome called “Dartium” that contained the dart vm, the Chrome browser itself never included a dart vm. Dartium was only meant for development and was deprecated with the release of dart 2.