Errata for Core Data by Tutorials v3.0

This topic is for bugs, typos, and other mistakes in Core Data by Tutorials v3.0.

Page 65 contains a typo: NSQLiteStoreType -> NSSQLiteStoreType

Page 68 contains a typo:

on the persitent container

should be:

on the persistent container

Chapter 5 (version 3.1)

Sections aren’t moving when Australia has the top tally, Africa is still at the top. This is happening in the Final version as well. Do I need to change a setting?

Its okay, I’ve just realised the countries are jumping inside the zones, I thought the zones were moving on top of each other too. I was changing the tally of Australia which was at the top of the Asia list and nothing was happening.

Typo: On page 45, it states “…select the Bowties entity…” This should be “Bowtie”. Please note this in the screen shot on the same page.