Errata for Core Data by Tutorials, 8th Edition

Creating this topic to catch any type-os and bugs in the 8th edition of Core Data by Tutorials.

Most of Chapter 4 seems to be missing from the latest ePub file. After the “Introducing the Bubble Tea App” section, it goes straight to Chapter 5 and the next project.

I also see the chapter 4 issue in the 8th edition, yet even more critical is that the 8th edition states that it uses Xcode 12, yet the chapters within still mention Xcode 11 and iOS13 and reference the appDelegate structure. Was this intended to use the new simplified Core Data structure?

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My experience has been that this just means the book was updated during the period where that was the latest version of Xcode – not that it necessarily takes advantage of any specific features. That said, @mandafrederick, assuming the missing chapter issue is simply just a matter of updating the downloadable file, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Agreed, the chapter issue was fixed with a new upload on November 28th. I also agree that new book versions do not need to take advantage of new features.

@mandafrederick - Xcode 12 changed the basic core data structure thus when I create a new app, the files and code listed in the book do not match files and code generated by Xcode 12.

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