Errata for 3D iOS Games by Tutorials v1.1

This topic is for bugs, typos, and other mistakes in 3D iOS Games by Tutorials v1.1.

Note to anyone wondering - version 1.1 is compatible with Xcode 7.3. If you are still using Xcode 7.2, you may wish to download the old Xcode 7.2 version of the book (version 1.0), which is available on your “My Loot” page. Hope this helps!

I downloaded the 1.1 version, and it appears to be missing some of the assets for the games. For GeometryFighter 01-scenes, I don’t see any ship.scn. Other projects seem ok.

Hey, Ray. Love your site and stuff by the way. Anyway, it’s super easy to add Collada files to a SCNScene. You can create Collada with Cheetah 3D, and spit out a dae file, and then the code is just this:
func setupScene() {
let scene = SCNScene(named: “YourFileFromCheetah3D.dae”)!
scnView.scene = scene
scnView.allowsCameraControl = true;
scnView.autoenablesDefaultLighting = true;
scnView.backgroundColor = UIColor.blackColor()
You should really put this in your Book since Cheetah 3D will create way more complex 3D then Xcode ever could. I can send you one if you want.

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‘ship.scn’ isn’t an RW-provided asset in Chapter 1; it’s an Apple-provided asset in the basic SceneKit project which you’ll be deleting shortly to make room for your own stuff.

There are two small slip of the pen mistakes in the Introduction chapter on page 20 in the Book source code and forums section:

  1. “other required resources that included as well” should be “other required resources that are included as well”.
  2. “making games with SpriteKit” should be “making games with SceneKit”.

Error for me on page 58 of PDF, concerning randomX and Y definitions.

Type Float has no member random. Running Version 7.2.1 (7C1002) of XCode.

Never mind, I neglected to see all the helper functions. I think I read the part about game utils and walked away, then when I returned I had forgotten to copy them over. I see where the method is defined now. Thanks.

PDF page 230: “Make sure to position it at (x: 0, y: 2, z: 0)”, but “y” value must be -2.

For the Breaker Game (up to Chapter 10) sometimes part of the paddle disappears during gameplay, and the top right barrier.

Also for page 175 I find this formula works better for touch controls:
paddleNode.position.x = paddleX + (Float(location.x - touchX) * 0.06)


PDF p118, first line: ‘set the Euler angles’ not Euler angels…

On page 207 in the last sentence before the bottom image, it says to name the reference node ball but when trying to complete chapter 14 on page 250. When getting a reference to the ball programmatically it will find the reference node ball, not the actual ball so none of the contact delegate code is called. I figured this out by looking at the completed challenge which left it with the default name.

  1. On page 254, in the first sentence under “Getting Started” the word “load” is misspelled as “laid”
  2. On page 275, in the second sentence below the first image it says “well almost nothing changed, accept…” should be except

P. 209, Obj_pillar1x3 says to set size to (x:1, y:3, z:1), but texture could not be made to look like the picture on that page with 10 squares tall by 2 squares wide. Pulling up the finished project in the example file showed that this object’s size is (x: 0.6, y: 3, z: 0.6). Setting it to this size did the trick.

You are right. Page 207 are wrong and node “obj_ball reference” can’t be renamed as “ball”.

Edited: I didn’t see chrononinja comment on this, I will try that to see if it helps. I know I copied over GameUtils.

Hi, in Chapter 3, Physics, there are calls to Float.random when applying forces to randomX and randomY which produces an error "Type ‘Float’ has no member ‘random’. I checked the Float Documentation ( and confirmed. Maybe I am using an incorrect version of Swift, my Xcode is 7.2.

not really a typo, but in the book it says to make the shadow for the the follow light to 0.5
but the book shows pictures of a 1.0 shadow, and the demo video shows the 1.0 shadows to
this might confuse new scene kit developer
so a note to new scene kit developers, if your shadows look less black, and you don’t like this, set the follow_light shadow back to 1.0 and its a lot darker

An extra “some” on Page 52:

“Before you dive into integrating physics in your game, you’ll first need to add some some game utilities to your project.”

Link not actual link on page 50:

Use Apple’s official Scene Kit documentation as a guide to the various geometric shapes.

Typo: Page 199, 1st paragraph (Chapter 12: Reference Nodes)

Current text:
Image for a moment you’ve created an epic monster …

Should be:
Imagine for a moment you’ve created an epic monster …