Does location monitoring have a minimum region distance

I’m trying make my app trigger when a user gets within 10 meters of a location (as it is for walking the radius needs to be fairly short) using a CLLocationManagerDelegate “didEnterRegion” method.
It seems that even if I set the radius of the CLCircularRegion to 10 or even 1 it seems to trigger when you are around 100 meters from the location, both in the simulator and when I’ve built to device and tested it.
As far as I can tell there is no mention of a minimum distance in the documentation only a “maximumRegionMonitoringDistance” on the CLLocationManager that defines a largest region.
Can anyone help?

Hi @tommytours, seems like there has been discussion online about this and from what I’m seeing is that region monitoring may not be able to handle a small radius. Sources:


Hi thanks for the reply.

That’s unfortunate to hear, I guess I will have to design my own work around.

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