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Docker on macOS: Getting Started

Just a suggestion, if you guys have tutorials, articles, etc. that you know don’t work, need updated, or otherwise abandoned, can they not they be prepended with something to the effect:
‘you will be wasting your time trying to follow the steps documented here, limited teaching value - your mileage may vary’

Really frustrating to diligently follow along, get to where it starts falling apart, and read through the comments to find out, ‘yeah - this does not work and is old, locked and out’.

Hi @stvsimons - are there any particular issues that you’d like to mention with regards to this tutorial?

Typically articles are Archived when no longer relevant, while this article is from 2018, the basics still apply an may be useful for others.

However, I’ll be more than happy to revise if needed - so, could you comment on what didn’t work for you?


I think the database used now requires authentication. If updating, I’d use Postgres instead of Couch DB

Actually, it might only need a tweak to the docker command, to specify the couchdb version that was current in 2018

Hey Thanks! Specific to your question, all was good until about the half-way point. While the kitura image looked quite a bit different than that in the article, it worked. Where it came to a stop was the next step ‘Running a Web App With A Database’ section. It always would fail ‘unable to create database’; therefore the client route it looks like it creates fails, so when you try to append /client to the URL it’s unable to find a route. Dumped everything and restarted the article assuming I missed something, failed at the same point.

Agreed, articles and topics over time may become no longer relevant or technically obsolete, so archiving makes sense as they may be useful to someone even if the examples don’t function.

I just don’t see anything to indicate this article is not relevant, obsolete, or otherwise even archived (‘Home → Server-Side Swift Tutorials’).

That was the primary point of my post here: add a banner, call out, something to articles/tutorials that meet that criteria so there’s a clear expectation before committing the time. I was interested in this article for the Docker content and usage examples which seem - at least to where I got - intact and current. I’m guessing it’s the Server-Side Swift and/or CouchDB portions that have become irrelevant or obsolete, so there may be more alteration/updates required.

I see your point. I’m sure you know, Stack Overflow and other online services, posts get outdated (I’ve routinely found Swift 2 answers, which in no way apply to Swift 5 at SO), the answer is no good and it’s still out there. I understand the frustration.

I think the best action for the this article is an update. The content is fully accurate and relevant. However, as software does, the images used in the example have changed (Kitura is no longer active), so changing those images to something else would continue to benefit the community.

In the meantime, I recommend joining us at our Discord Server, you will be able to chat with the community and many times the actual authors of these articles.

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