Disk Space ocuppied by XCode

I was poking around the space on my drive and noticed that my Xcode folder has 55GB!

Inside I have:
Archives - 4GB
Derived Data - 2.5GB
Installs - still calculating
iOS Device Logs - 3GB
iOS Device Support - 45GB
Products - insignificant
Snapshots - insignificant
Templates - insignificant
UserData - insignificant

Archives I should be able to erase because they are just the built app projects themselves which I could simply rebuild from the original project.

Derived Data is also on a per project basis and I think I can erase it as well since whatever is in there is also in the project folder itself or can be regenerated from it

iOS Device Logs - i can erase

iOS Device Support - seems to be just compiled resources per project, grouped by iOS version. So I could erase these as well, right?


Found a great post at so if anyone should be interested:

Thanks man :slight_smile:
I’ve saved lots of space :+1: