Discourse - this looks pretty cool!

And of course incredibly strange and unfamiliar. But every time I try something, like creating this post - I’m pleasantly surprised! The preview window showing how my markdown next to what I am writing is great. Overall there is a much better use of real estate on the screen.
Just to test this out, here’s a drag & drop of an image - in case you’re wondering it’s my combo guitar amp that let the smoke out - those two blue capacitors went the way of so many Chinese electrolytic in the last ten years, see the bulge? After replacing them the amp is fine.

But the point of this is I didn’t have to write any code to post that image. I’m really looking forward to using this forum software - I remember when Geoff Atwood dropped into the Ars Technica forums to ask what people really wanted in forum software and this is the result. I didn’t like to say anything about the old one, but it was so 1999!

Yes, this feels like such a breath of fresh air to me as well - it felt like PHPBB always took 10 pages of clicking to do anything.

And Markdown rules! :]

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Are the old forum posts available somewhere that I haven’t found yet? Also liking the new look and functionality.

Edit: Aha! Found Ray’s link in his intro.

In case anyone else is looking for it: