Dev Opinion Poll - Which iPhone, 7 or 7 Plus?

Hello fellow RW’ers. As developers I would like to get your personal opinions for device size. I am leaning towards the iPhone 7 however the 7 plus is still on the radar.

I am still learning to develop and need a good device to deploy to (and a cool new toy :slight_smile: ).

I would like to hear of any benefits that I may not have thought of for both please.

Thanks for reading.

I hate to say it doesn’t matter but it probably doesn’t. You definitely have to test on an actual device since there are subtle differences between simulator and device. But once you have tested on a device you can probably try out the other device sizes on the simulator. I think it comes down more to what device you personally prefer. If it’s not a device you will use every day then the decision probably comes down to which is cheaper. Both are very good!

Aside from a test and communication device it purely comes down to pocket size for me personally. 5.5" screen on the plus is pretty large which I can see benefits for, but how in the heck would that be comfortable in a pair of pants :slight_smile: I think for me the standard 7 is going to be the way to go. I am very tight on table space as I only have a small work nook at home so that also comes into consideration. I already use the different simulator sizes for testing which is fine, just looking for any extra info that I may not have considered.

I completely agree - I prefer an iPhone SE and as soon as they update a smaller device with all the latest features I’ll buy that too. (I’ll be sad about the headphone jack though…)

I haven’t given much consideration to an SE. It would certainly save me money but I think the bigger screen on a 7 is what would suit me.

I went with the 7 Plus. I am glad I chose this one, holding the 4s over the 7 Plus screen is just ridiculous. The viewability of the larger screen suits me to a tee.