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Design Patterns for Mobile Apps: Which and Why

Developers and designers don’t always get along. We spend days working on something and then hear “That’s not possible, change your design” or “we’ve changed our minds — change your code”. But fortunately, designers and developers do agree that what matters in the end is shipping a useful app that is enjoyable to use. The […]

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:heart: this post! I hope to see more like it soon :grimacing:

Thanks Liam! There will be more :wink: Anything you’d like to see on the next one?

I wish to see Skeleton Views by Real Example Code
in this post you explain the concept but what I want to see how to implement it on app
Thank You Very Much

I would love to see more advanced ux patterns like this! and the why behind them, just like how you did here :smile: I feel like everywhere around the web, its the same introductory stuff. Keep it coming!

Thanks for this article. Loved it. Really interesting and informative

Very useful and well explained. Waiting for the next tips!

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