Deploying updated iOS Builds for my app

I’ve successfully created version 1.0.0 Build 1 for my app. I then made some updates to my code. Added, committed, pushed etc. to my GitHub branch. Then attempted to create what I called version 1.0.2 Build 2 for my app. A new .ipa file was successfully created. However it does not contain any of my updates. I’ve now tried 50+ times and I’m not sure what to do. Please help!

Hi @andrewt1, welcome to the forum community! Are you still having an issue with your updates and build? If so, did you use Testflight to check that the updates were not being reflected? I am trying to understand what step you took after creating the ipa file.

Hi @andrewt1,
How are you testing your new build and validating if the changes are persisted or not.


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