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Deploy App to Physical Devices

General Question on what is the easiest way to install my apps on Family and Friends phones and iPads? Is there an easy way for me to use to allow my family and friends to install my apps on their phones or iPads? Without using the OFFICIAL Stores of GOGLE and APPLE?
They are located all over the world.

On Android you can use Distribuye apps para Android a los verificadores con Firebase console  |  Firebase Documentation
For iOS apps there’s TestFlight - Apple Developer

Without the Play Store you can distribute Android apps to your friends. Just build an APK. It is described in detail in chapter 17. Once built, you put the apk on a free file sharing service like Firefox, or Google Drive or DropBox or OneDrive or… Then your friends retrieve the apk on their tablet and double-click on it.

Without Apple Store there is no way to distribute iOS apps. At least I haven’t heard about one.