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the [prototype](https://github.com/raywenderlich/video-yfsa2-materials) cannot be displayed well although I have use Chrome.

@fuzheng1998 I’m sorry but I don’t understand your question. What trouble are you having with the materials exactly?

I mean that the prototype cannot be displayed well. Do you have the same problem?

here I comes for Question 02, should we remove too many ContentView setting when releasing the real app? we set preview to see multi-mode color scheme easily, can this setting impact actually app running?

@fuzheng1998 I just loaded the prototype in my browser (Chrome 88.0) and it loads just fine for me. Keep in mind you probably want to zoom in to see things more clearly (use the + key on your keyboard).

And don’t worry - the ContentView_Previews has no effect on the published app, it is for development purposes only. So there’s no need to remove it before publication or anything.


I’m working on Xcode 13.2.1 and my Preview options are all disabled. How do I enable them?