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Custom Publishers/Subscribers


After reading your book (v0.3), I felt inspired to use Combine in some of my newer projects. Fast forward some weeks and I have written several custom publishers/operators/subscribers.

Since at the time I struggled finding working examples for custom publishers, I have decided to gather some of them in a Github repo in case it is helpful to someone.

Cheers and keep up the great work. I can wait to read the last chapters.


Feedback like this really brightens my day, thank you for taking the time to write us! That repo looks really useful and shared it onwards to the slack and twitter. The final version of the books should arrive within days with the rest of the chapters :+1:t3:

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Thank you for your kind works and for sharing.

I am really looking forward finishing the book. It is really good, so far.

This is great. Thank you!

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This is wonderful, @dehesa! Congratulations for this achievement and many more to come!

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