Creating Face Based AR iOS 12 Issue


The code for book chapter Creating Face based AR is not properly working. When you try to switch masks nothing is happening. For instance, the code for ARSceneView Delegate function renderer(_ renderer: SCNSceneRenderer, didAdd node: SCNNode, for anchor: ARAnchor) is not getting called after you call resetTracking(), which is supposed to .resetTracking and .removeExistingAnchors.

The book is said to be updated for iOS 12, Xcode 10 and Swift 4.2 .

How can we call renderer(didAdd:for:) method every time we want to reset the tracking? One thing I noticed is whenever I mark a breakpoint in my code, the delegate method renderer(didAdd:for:) is getting called some of the time.


@paradox927 Can you please help with this when you get a chance? Thank you - much appreciated! :]