Creating an in-app 'Tutorial'?

Ok, this topic is almost impossible to search for because it brings up the wrong results.

Basically, there are many, many apps, games, utilities all sorts of apps, that have a ‘wizard’ style interactive “tutorial” that shows the user how to use the app.

Has there been a lesson on how to create such a tutorial, especially the in the tutorial is interactive and contains lots of custom animation.

I’m thinking of those awesome animations that are line outlines where multiple lines draw themselves and all meet together to draw the outline of the thing in question.

But that might be another topic.

So, interactive, in-app ‘Tutorials’… how?


Hi @elphaba, thank you for posting here! I believe what you are referring to is called onboarding or an onboarding process within an app but I don’t believe there are any interactive tutorials that you are speaking of on this website unfortunately.

Furthermore, I do not know of any tutorials that you could follow along with for what you are looking for exactly so I’ve listed a couple of resources that might help point you in the right direction.

Scroll View Tutorials - Many are used in an onboarding experience
Getting Started with UIScrollView
Scroll View School Video Series (first few are free, otherwise you’d have to subscribe)

Cocoa Pods - Can easily be added to your project
Awesome list of animations that can be used in your app

Check out the animation category in this page



Thank you so much for understanding and providing such a thorough and helpful answer.

Yes, I was referring to ‘on-boarding’ - never heard it called that but live and learn.

I found one of those cocoa pod libraries very helpful.

Thank you!

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