Create a array with 4 null elements

I want to create a array with 4 null elements of type int. So I tried doing this it is not working.

var someInts:[Int] = [null, null, null,null]

An Int can’t be nil (nil is Swift’s word for other languages’ null), but an Optional can be nil, and wrap any type. Like Int, for example!

Two options:

var someInts = [Int?](repeating: nil, count: 4)
var someInts = Array(repeating: Int?.none, count: 4)

You can’t put nil (aka null in other languages) values into an array that takes Int values. That’s actually a feature of the Swift language. If you have an array of Ints, then you know that every value in that array is non-null and can safely be used.

However, you can accomplish something similar to what you want by using optional Ints.

var someOptionalInts: [Int?] = [nil, nil, nil, nil]

Hi @timswift,
If there is a reason to store nil in the array, then you need to declare it as Int? rather than Int.
Secondly, is there a reason for 4 nils? If you want to simply store a value as uninitialized because one of your values could be 0, then you can use a constant of a value that would not be in your range of values, that way you can still use Ints.

 let myNull:Int = -12345
 var someInts:[Int] = [myNull, myNull, myNull, myNull]

you can check if a value is the same as myNull then you know it is not a value from the range


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