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Cover all elements of the 'Elements' architecture

Hello, got a question for the ‘Elements’ architecture.

In the book this note is mentioned:

Note : To see examples of the other elements in action, take a look at the Elements version of Koober’s Xcode project that accompanies this chapter. If you’d like to see other elements covered in a future edition of this book, let us know in the book forum.

If possible; I’d like the other elements to be covered in the book as well. This will better help getting a full understanding of the architecture. At this moment the book only explains the four bigger ones, but an element such as ‘Data Store’ seems just as important to me :slightly_smiling_face:

I think you could also find examples in the Koober app, but it’s better explained through the book than trying to figure it out yourself (which, eventually, you should do though).

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@stonekirby Thanks very much for your post. Was there something in particular you wanted to be covered? You mentioned the “Data Store”, but was there anything else in particular? The more specific details you provide us, the better it helps us with updating future editions :slight_smile: