Coredata in framework

I am working with objective c framework in iOS. I want save confidential data at side of frame work. So need to add Coredata at framework. Can you please help me to do the same.

When I Did the same thing in my static library, the data model was shared along with the .a file.

Is it possible to store data at framework end, without sharing coradata model with application?

hi @jeeshna.jijesh,
if I understand this correctly, data will be stored locally on the device so even if you are distributing a framework the data will need to be stored and therefore I believe the model file is shared. If this file was not shared, you cannot write into a bundle.


Hi @jayantvarma ,
Thank you for your response. Can you suggest any other way of storing data at framework side, which will not be shared with application?

hi @jeeshna.jijesh,
I am not 100% clear on what you are after, are you after abstracting data or trying to disallow the user to open/inspect and meddle with the data? Because either ways think of your framework as a read only space and your data needs a writable space to save/persist. The other way is to have online abstraction, that is generate an ID for each user and connect to an online data instance using that ID

Maybe somebody else has a better solution/suggestion.


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