CoreData - Cloudkit Sync Framework


I am working on a clients app that stores data in the existing core data setup. He has a request to store the same data in iCloud so that he sync the data across his different devices.

I don’t want to re-invent the wheel so wondered if anybody could recommend a Cocoapod or framework to do the ‘heavyllifting’.

I have looked at Seam/Seam 3 but there were a few problems and I didn’t achieve what I had hoped.

Any help welcomed.



Ok so after a few hours of wrestling with Seam, Seam3, CloudkitSync and CloudCore, I found

Version 1 open source, found a sample app in swift and within 1 hour I am syncing between iOS devices…

Cocoapod and about 10 lines of code… Boom


@jamesbuck Thank you for sharing this - much appreciated! :]

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