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Core Text, Ruby Annotation, Frame size

hello everyone,
I am coming to the conclusion of the development of this blessed label that allows you to view Asian text with a phonetic guide. By searching the internet and also reading the @lyndsey tutorial I managed to create a label that does this. but still has a problem. The problem is that the label is not sized enough to show all the text. Put simply it seems that it calculates the size of the label regardless of the size of the ruby annotation.
How do I solve the problem?
Please help me because I’m near to solution
thank you very much
Attached you will find a project with all the code. just run it to see the code in action with the problem. (62.2 KB)
In addition to this I place here the code of the label.

override func draw(_ rect: CGRect) {
    var lineHeight: CGFloat { self.font.pointSize * 1.0 }

    // context allows you to manipulate the drawing context (i'm setup to draw or bail out)
    guard let context: CGContext = UIGraphicsGetCurrentContext() else {

    // Flip the coordinate system
    context.textMatrix = CGAffineTransform.identity;
    context.translateBy(x: 0, y: self.bounds.size.height);
    context.scaleBy(x: 1.0, y: -1.0);

    let path = CGMutablePath()
    let newRect = CGRect(x: self.bounds.origin.x, y: self.bounds.origin.y, width: self.bounds.size.width, height: self.bounds.size.height + 10)

    guard let str = self.attributedText else { return }

    let frameSetter = CTFramesetterCreateWithAttributedString(str)
    let frame = CTFramesetterCreateFrame(frameSetter, CFRangeMake(0,str.length), path, nil)
    // Check need for truncate tail
    if (CTFrameGetVisibleStringRange(frame).length as Int) < str.length {

        // Required truncate

        let linesNS: NSArray  = CTFrameGetLines(frame)
        let linesAO: [AnyObject] = linesNS as [AnyObject]
        var lines: [CTLine] = linesAO as! [CTLine]

        let boundingBoxOfPath = path.boundingBoxOfPath

        let lastCTLine = lines.removeLast()

        let truncateString:CFAttributedString = CFAttributedStringCreate(nil, "\u{2026}" as CFString, CTFrameGetFrameAttributes(frame))
        let truncateToken:CTLine = CTLineCreateWithAttributedString(truncateString)

        let lineWidth = CTLineGetTypographicBounds(lastCTLine, nil, nil, nil)
        let tokenWidth = CTLineGetTypographicBounds(truncateToken, nil, nil, nil)
        let widthTruncationBegins = lineWidth - tokenWidth
        if let truncatedLine = CTLineCreateTruncatedLine(lastCTLine, widthTruncationBegins, .end, truncateToken) {

        var lineOrigins = Array<CGPoint>(repeating:, count: lines.count)
        CTFrameGetLineOrigins(frame, CFRange(location: 0, length: lines.count), &lineOrigins)
        for (index, line) in lines.enumerated() {
            context.textPosition = CGPoint(x: lineOrigins[index].x + boundingBoxOfPath.origin.x, y:lineOrigins[index].y + boundingBoxOfPath.origin.y)
            CTLineDraw(line, context)
    else {
        // Not required truncate
        CTFrameDraw(frame, context)

@rufy Do you still have issues with this?

@shogunkaramazov Unfortunately. I have not had any answer, unfortunately the problem is still there. To be honest, I don’t even know if @lyndsey has read the post or knows how to give me the solution to the problem.

What tutorial is this in reference to? And I’m not sure I understand your question… Are you having issues with the tutorial or is it with your own personal code?

@lyndsey well, I’ve study your tutorial about Core Text and for necessity I’m trying to create a label that shows ruby annotation. But I’ve some problem with the size of the label when use a different font or if I increase the size of font. Simply the font disappear and I don’t know how to solve the problem. Because maybe you know Core Text better of me can you help me to understand how to solve the problem?

Thank you very much

@rufy Are there any more issues with this?

You see any answer of my question? Unfortunately I don’t!
So the problem continues to exist. I need to create a label that allows me to show Japanese text with the phonetic guide (so with the ruby annotation), which is easy to use and which displays the text both horizontally and vertically. but unfortunately those who are experts in core text ignore the question. He hoped that one day I can get the help I need.