Core data - updating an attribute's record when a checkbox gets tapped from a custom tableview cell

The following are my app details…

Core data Entity: Tasks / Attributes: 1.taskDescription:String, 2. taskStatus:Bool.

When creating a new record, I have made the taskStatus = false

I display the core data fetched results in a tableView with a custom Cell which has one checkBox (UIButton with checked and unchecked images) and a UILabel.

I like to update the core data record (taskStatus) when ever a user taps on the checkBox in the tableViewCell.

I am not sure whether I can do this from tableview didselectedrow or cellforrowatindexpath functions ?

I have a checkBoxTapped function in the view controller, I like to know how to access the tapped cell info and the taskStatus record info from the tapped tableViewCell within this function so that I can update the taskStatus based on the user tap.

Please advise.