Core Data and Login screen

Hello community, I am trying to create login screen with CoreData (don’t want to do that with Firebase) and need help about that. I need some tutorial or some project so i can figure how it works and how to do that?

Thank you very much for help.

@mandic_milos Thanks very much for your question!

The best advice I can give you with respect to using Core Data is to either go through our video tutorials on Core Data:

Beginning Core Data

Intermediate Core Data

Or check out the course on iOS Design Patterns which talks about login in lesson 6:

iOS Design Patterns

Now specifically to your question, I will point out that using Core Data to store user data when logging in is not considered good practice, as for security purposes, you want to avoid storing login credentials locally on the users device. The reason why is that in the case where the user’s device is lost or stolen, the users private information could become exposed. This is why storing user credentials in the cloud, and in turn being issued a token is better practice, because it stores the credentials in a safe place, while at the same time protecting the users privacy.

I hope this helps!

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