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Content of the book


Will be great that this book gonna have VIPER, already Android’s book has this


Hi @yiperu, thanks for letting us know! We’ve got VIPER on our backlog of things to add. Stay tuned.

We’re considering covering Uber’s version of VIPER, called RIBs Do you have any preference on which kind of VIPER architecture?



I think that is fine :grinning:


Do you plan to upgrade content of book with a help of new frameworks ?


@ashitikov, yes. We are currently planning our next couple of updates and our plans include incorporating SwiftUI and Combine. Because there’s so much to update, we expect this to take several updates. The next update will include content about SwiftUI, we just don’t know exactly what yet. Hope this helps, cheers.


Hi @rcach, what’s the expected release date for RIBs? Looking forward to it.

With SwiftUI and Combine coming soon to iOS13, how to justify the architecture we should use for subsequent projects (e.g. if we use RX swift for reactive approach, it will be painful to switch to SwiftUI and combine)?

Still think the basic MVC architecture will be easier for junior developer to get up to speed for projects with tight deadline.


Hi @wk899, thanks so much for your feedback. We planned on adding RIBs before we knew about SwiftUI & Combine. So our plan is to first update the content with SwiftUI and Combine and then continue adding new architectures. Updating the book and the example apps will probably take a couple of editions. My best guess is that we’ll be releasing new architectures in about a year or so, once we’ve made it over the SwiftUI and Combine updates.

In the next edition, we do plan on covering strategies for writing code today that will be easier to transition into SwiftUI and Combine. We’ll also give an intro to writing MVVM and Redux apps in SwiftUI.

I don’t think we’ll be covering MVC in the book since we want to focus on advanced topics and because MVC might fade away because of SwiftUI. I’m happy to point you to some good articles on MVC that you could share with others, if you’d like.

We love hearing from folks. Thanks for reaching out. Let me know if there’s anything else I can answer.