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Confusion about Advanced Auto Layout / Adaptive Layout


My app is a universal one using a storyboard.

I’m trying to get my head around the (overly) complicated Auto-Layout and Adaptive Layout, with specific regards to this problem:

The app uses a Tab Bar for major navigation, however one item on the tab bar needs to be displayed differently depending on whether iPad or iPhone.

On iPhone, I have several ViewControllers that can all be bundled together using a UIPageViewController - and that’s working.

Because I haven’t yet implemented proper Auto-Layout or Adaptive layout, then on the iPad it’s doing the same thing, however, on iPad I want to display all of these ‘small’ UIViewControllers within one UIContainerViewController.

Now, because I’m using Storyboards, do I now have to have two different storyboards, one for iOS and one for iPad? Do I keep one for the common parts and branch off where they diverge? If so, how does one handle that?

Or is there a clever ‘Adaptive Layout’ way to say on iPhone do this, on iPad do that, but rather than changes to the same ViewController, adaptive layout can handle this very large difference i.e. UIPageViewController vs UIContainerViewController with several UIViewControllers on screen at once?

Please help as this is now a blocker on my project; yes I’ve googled and I still can’t find a solution.

@annemarie1185 Do you still have issues with this?

I do, but I’ve resigned myself to having to create two different storyboards - one for iPhone and one for iPads, because I just find out how to combine them into one storyboard.

Hi @annemarie1185,
that’s good. Hopefully with SwiftUI and more advances, there might be better options to using storyboards in shared development or multi developer environment.


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