Color Images in New Edition?

I own the latest edition (7th) in PDF format and the third edition in hard-copy. My physical book does not have any images or text in color; it’s all black and white with a very small font that’s hard to read, especially the images. Does the latest physical book have color images or did they stick with black and white? If nothing has changed I’ll just stick with PDF’s!


@magic47 I’m forwarding your question to the book team and they will get back to you soon. Thank you!

We’d love to print our books in color, but unfortunately the costs from our printer make this cost-prohibitive (especially for very large books like the iOS Apprentice)! If you’re looking for color images, it’s best to stick with the digital versions.

Thanks for the info, I understand. But I’ll keep buying your books, color or not, because content is more important. I subscribe to several other iOS training resources and your tutorials are the best available! I really like your detailed examples and explanations.

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