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Chlobo - A parantal internet browser

Hello everyone,

Hope everyone is doing well. A while ago I was playing with my nephews. The older one just started kindergarten and started asking to go on the internet. This kind of created a problem because it made it so someone had to watch him real close because he kept clicking on adds and getting kind of “lost” on the internet.

I have had an abundance of time on my hands due to the quarantine so I was able to complete a simple app that helps with that problem. This app is a parental internet browser that limits navigation to websites that the parents whitelist in advance. Its still in a very bare bones state but its finally out on the appStore :slight_smile:

Its made entirely in swiftUI with combine and coreData. This community as always was extremely helpful so a big thanks to everyone!!!

Here is a link, please check it out if have the chance. And leave a review haha :smiley:

Chlobo - Internet browser for parents

@sjidkov Congratulations and keep up the good work! :]