Checklists V5.0

is checklist app based on MVC or just introduce it?

@milad Thanks very much for your question, are you referring to Chapter 6?

@milad After skimming through the chapter, because I don’t see the implementation of an alternate pattern like MVVM, I would say that the architecture the app is using is MVC.

hi @syedfa I dont remember the chapter but it was second tutorial on "iOS apprentice " V 5.0

@milad I believe the tutorial you were referring to was in the second section, which is on “Checklists”. I skimmed over the chapter, and it appears to be MVC. I didn’t see any reference to an alternative architecture like MVVM, so it is safe to assume it is MVC.

I get a little confused about “Views” in this project we don’t have separate file on project navigator, to show the view

@milad Try to make a distinction between the different meanings.

  • There is the View within MVC, which refers to what appears before the user on the screen
  • There is the UIView which is a component on the screen that serves as a canvas to hold other UIKit elements.

:wave: Milad,

I could be wrong about a lot of this, but my understanding of Views in an MVC sense are that they are either

  1. defined/controlled within a ViewController to work closely with the Model.
    I group all my ViewControllers into a Group folder named Controllers so I don’t get confused.

  2. or very specific files that are View only (no Model ivar present at instance scope - any data needed is passed in via helper methods from a ViewController). These files should consist of @IBOutlets & methods.
    These are usually TableViewCell or UIView types.
    I group these in a Group folder named Views.

I just finished MyLocations. LocationCell.swift and HUDView.swift were my View files, I think CategoryPickerViewController was one that I didn’t know which, but ViewController is in the file name so it probably classified as that.

I create a Group folder named UI Views and I stick my main.storyboard and LaunchScreen storyboard in there.

The Group folders help me keep sense of it all. :+1:

How is iOS Apprentice going on your second read through? I’m currently on Chapter 32 :: Store Search, and am learning about Git version control!


hi, still I’m working on university final projects , I decide to get through it after this and participate in in Udemy course I find.

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