Checklist constraints page 437/438 - solved

lol me again

is it me or are the constraint adding sections really confusing for this part of the lesson? the screenshots don’t match the text at all, and what i end up with does not resemble what i’m (supposed to be?) seeing on my machine

is it (again) me being dumb?


so you actually have to add the constraints one at a time, saving in between, or the checkmark does not stick to the label

I took at look at the section and the only screenshot which might not match the text is the first one on page 438 since the text says to uncheck constrain to margins but the screenshot shows it as checked. Sorry about that. But were there other issues that I’m unaware of or missing?

If you follow the instructions in text, you should be fine though. And you should not have to add the constraints one at a time and save in between. Can you provide some screenshots showing the issues you’ve encountered and explain what doesn’t match the book?

sorry for the delay replying…

the checkmark was not sticking to the label so i had a left aligned checkmark and a right positioned label

when i undid all the constraints and did them one at a time (saving constraints each time for those 2 things) it worked as in the book and then the pics matched

was very confusing though for a half hour or so

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