Checklist(08) About Simulator’s Documents folder

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I am working on Checklist and In page 180, it says:
! Important: Before you run the app, remove the old Checklists.plist file from theSimulator’s Documents folder.

But I don’t know where to find the checklists.plist. I have tried use “search” in finder but it does not help.Please give me some advice.

Thank you very much

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The very easiest way to clear old documents from the simulator is to use the menu item “Reset Contents and Settings” from the Simulator menu.

If you need to preserve other documents in the simulator while deleting just this one though:

  • go to Finder
  • Click “Go” in the menu bar
  • hold down “Option” - as you do you will see the Library item appear - click it
  • Open Developer/CoreSimulator/Devices

There you see lots of folders. It is far easier at this point if you remove everything and start again, or else you need to identify which instance of the simulator is currently being used. It is usually safe to delete all the folders named by UUID, you only lose information created in the simulator. Running the simulator creates a new instance and you will find the new folder here - if there is only one you know which one it is!

When you have started Xcode and run your app then you will see a new path created for the app in the simulator instance - something like


Your app is in there.

Its data is in another place though… Look in /82C7DE63-5BCD-4F09-AADB-F9BC93FB7C75/data/Containers/Data/Application/F456F538-C651-4CEA-97A8-8CC4FE6A60A6/Documents

Unfortunately the UUID of the application data directory does not match up with anything as far as I can see. But you will find if you are looking in that folder that it is probably the last in the list, or it will be the last created if you wort by timestamp, or if you remove the app from the simulator (in simulator long select, click the x, just like you would on a device) you will see it created as the app is installed and run. When you find it kept it open and you will be able to watch your Documents or Library/Caches and remove the file you want to discard.


@aeberbach Thanks a lot for taking the time. :+1: I was having the same issue and couldn’t find an answer on the web.

It’s explained in the book on page 130. :slight_smile:

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Yay, I was just about to make my own topic on this question but this popped up, thank you