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Chapter 9 final do not compile



Just try to compile Chapter 9 final projet and get these errors twice :
GetReady/ImageViewController.swift:156:34: Value of type ‘VNFaceLandmarkRegion2D’ has no member ‘points’

I used Xcode 9 beta 6



Same for HomeHero challenge :
ARSCNViewMath.swift:49:35: Value of type ‘[vector_float3]’ (aka ‘Array’) has no member ‘advanced’

Xcode 9 beta 6 issue ?


Thank you for the heads up and pointing this out - much appreciated! @mkatz Could you please help with this when you get a chance? Thanks! :]



Yes, there was a change in beta 5 & 6. Remove the nil check on line 156 and then change the line

  let point = feature.point(at: index)


  let point = feature.normalizedPoints[index]

Thanks but after changing the code the way you asked there are lot of errors with optionals on many lines.
Did you compile with beta 6 ?

Same for HomeHero with beta 6 it is hard to correct the code.

I get the book and Xcode are beta versions, thanks for you help !


The problem with HomeHero has already been identified and is fixed in the final book. There were some significant changes between the beta version that was current when we finished the ARKit chapter and now.

Actually, the HomeHero fix should be in the 0.3 early access. I did merge them before the book was built. If not, they are definitely fixed in the final.

Other early chapters, like the CoreML chapters will get touched up based on Apple’s changes before the final release of the book.



Good work !

Beta versions are beta versions…

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