Chapter 9 Failing to get parent

Hi, I’m getting and error when trying to get the acronym’s user in Chapter 9 and have deleted the Postgres db from docker, put in a new one and added the acronym back in with a new user uuid successfully.

When I add the new code to establish the parent relationship for Acronym and try to query for the new user by the …/api/acronym/1/user string I get an internal server error that says fluent cannot resolve the parent relationship.

Any advice?

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So it turned out that when I added a second user and queried for that user fluent was able to resolve the parent relationship with no other changes, so I must have made a typo or something with the first user.


Is it all working then?

Yes, its all working just fine. I haven’t experienced any issues since I figured out my error. Thanks for the reply.

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I had this issue. After executing request to get all users it turned out that the first user wasn’t stored at all. That happened because we did database reset after first user was created

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