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Chapter 7 parallax mapping texture



After finishing the chapter 7 normal mapping, I would like to do on my own a parallax mapping with the cube object provided. For that I understand I need a displacement texture. Looking into that project there is only a roughness texture, which I guess is not the same thing right? If it is not is there any way to acquire this displacement map for the cube object?

Thank you.


@henrygorner - the cube object doesn’t have displacement, but I textured it using Substance Painter. I’ve re-exported from Substance Painter what I think is the correct texture, but this time with a height map (displacement): (1.3 MB)

I think I fiddled with the normal map in Photoshop to invert it, but I hope the height map will help.

Btw - chapter 11 covers displacement as well as tessellation (but not parallax).

As you probably know, displacement is done with vertices in the vertex function, whereas parallax is done in the fragment function. Displacement will move the actual vertices, whereas parallax will still look flat on the edges.

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Thank you for that!

Yeah I am aware of the difference between the two techniques. I want to try to implement the parallax mapping just out of curiosity. Will see how it goes haha.

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