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[Chapter 6] Second Playground example

Hello guys, nice to be here!

The second playground example, that ask to add a “duration” function does not work. I really believe that is because the “duration” closure/func is not declared anywhere. How do I fix this? Thanks in advance.

Hi @ygornascimento. There aren’t playground examples in Chapter 6. Could you clarify where you mean, and what the playground you’re looking at was called to help me find it better?

Sure thing.

By the way, congratulations for the very well written book. Your didactics are superb, I learned a lot!

Thanks! Glad to hear you’re finding it useful. I apologize for the confusion. I was looking at my Push Notifications book instead of this one when I said no playgrounds. With the playground open, if you press Command-1 you’ll be shown the navigator and you should see the source for the duration method there.

I just downloaded a copy of the materials from Ray’s site to make sure everything worked. Can you clarify what the specific issue is you’re seeing?

Hi @gargoyle,

In my case,


function is taking 4 seconds. Can you please guide me for the reason behind it?


@pulkitap Do you still have issues with this?