Chapter 6 - How to use nodeJS code?

Hi there!
Could you explain how to use nodeJS code from chapter 6 for sending notifications from a web server. Let’s say I would like to setup a server on my website and set a schedule for sending notifications there. What do you recommend for me. Or maybe you’ll advise me where I can find information about it? Just a little bit about my goal… I have a database at Firestore. Every day at 9 o’clock I need to check the database for conditions. If I’ve got “true” then I’ll send a notification to current device. Thank you.

Howdy. You’d want to use a crontab for that. Setup your nodeJS script to query your database and send the push notification as appropriate. Then you can create a cron job to run at 9am every day (man crontab) and have it execute that script that you wrote.