Chapter 5, watch extension, error on live preview

live preview doesn’t work in XCode 11.1 or either of the 11.2 betas.

Tried selecting both watch sizes.


fixed it. you have to search for com.raywenderlich throughout the code if you change the identifier, make bundle identifier for watch app is changed as well.

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Thank you Prenez! I had changed the bundle id on all 3 targets and it killed my app. I tried your suggestion, changed “raywenderlich” wherever it was found in the project to “myname” and it fixed my issues.

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I am delighted that my note helped you.

thanks Michael! I’ll add a note to the chapter.

just curious: did Xcode tell you to change the bundle ID? Even with the unknown team, I can still live-preview it without changing the bundle ID.

just saw this, sorry, don’t remember now.

LOL. Same here. Just saw this. Don’t remember now.