Chapter 36: Launch Images Source option

When I’m trying to add a set of images for launch screen, there is missing button “Use Assets Catalog”.
I’m using Xcode 11.3.1 where App Icons and Launch Images section under General tab looks like this:

Is this option deprecated in this version of Xcode?

I hit the same problem and worked around it by comparing files between my project and the solution source code from the book.

In the end, changing two files manually in a text editor did the trick:

1. “project.pbxproj” in the “MyLocations.xcodeproj” folder
Find this line:
and add this line underneath it:

Note: You need to do this twice, once for release and debug settings.

2. “Info.plist” in the “MyLocations” folder
Find and remove these two lines:


I sure like to know whether there’s an easier way. :wink:

I ask some other developers about this and they said that this option is deprecated in Xcode 11. So from now on you should use launch storyboard.

@plaehn Thank you for sharing your solution - much appreciated!

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