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Chapter 3, my SpaceMarine is shooting continuously

So do u have any solution ?

Hey overdoze, would you email me your project? That way, I can take a look and see what’s going on. My email is I’ll let you know what I find.

OK thanks ! I’m gonna email you my project now.

That’s done. Hope you’ll enjoy :wink:

I sent you my project by drive.

I received it - I’ll be taking a look at it tomorrow. Thanks!

Ok ! Do you see anything ?

Looking at your project, I found the walking animations are working fine. All the aliens have that looping walk animation. The head bobbing animation is glitchy. This is due to the fact that the head bobs all the down, then resets. You need to have the head animate back That said, neither of these address your problem.

One think I did notice was that the project was using Unity 5.6. Is this your current version? The current book uses Unity 2017.1 and next week, we’ll be releasing an update for Unity 2018.1. What version are you using?

You’re right, i’m using Unity 5.6.1 . I saw that the book was using 2017.1 but i thought i wouldn’t have any problem…
Did you really see the walking animations working fine ?!? That’s strange, because for me it’s not working… Is it the version of Unity ? I also noticed that the head bobbing animation was a bit strange, but i thought it was what it should be. Can you rectify this ?

So if i have to change my version of Unity, can i keep my project or do i need to do it again from the beginning ?

When you update Unity, Unity will update your project. Make sure to back up first. Regarding the bobblehead animation on the aliens, go through that section again on animation. Your keyframes are placed in the wrong areas which are causing the jank.

I hope that helps!

So do i need to change the keyframes’ position or did you do it ? If you did, please send me my project by mail :wink: So the wrong position of the keyframes is making the walk animation for the aliens doesn’t work ?

You need to change the keyframes position. Go through that part of the book and try again. Mind you, this only deals with the alien head bobbing. I have no idea why your aliens aren’t walking. It’s probably due to the older version of Unity.

Ok so how can i update my Unity ? Do i just need to download a recent version on the Unity Official Site and my project will be in this new Unity, or do i need to do something through my actual Unity ?

Ps : I solved the problem for the head bobbing animation for the aliens, even if it’s a bit strange. (the animation) Because maybe it’s too fast or idk… but it’s a bit strange :wink:

But i don’t understand. How can i update my unity ?
I will have to do the project again from the beginning…

Just download and install the newest stable version of Unity from the website:
Make a backup of your current project to make sure you won’t lose anything, then open the project in the new version of Unity.


Ok ! Thanks !!! I’m gonna try !

Hi @bdmoakley ! I’m in vacations and i forget my unity games by tutorial book at home… Is there a possibility for you to send me by mail a PDF of the book ? I would be very happy if you could !