Chapter 3 getting started

“Start by downloading this chapter’s project from the book materials repo” There seem to be more then one file on the repo that hold “starter”
Can someone better explain " Locate the projects folder and open starter . If your IDE has a banner that reads ‘Pub get’ has not been run , click Get dependencies to resolve the issue."? I can’t understand what am I to do… Thanks!

@ofiroz91 … Within each chapter, there is a folder named starter and one named final. Use the the starter folder for the appropriate chapter you’re in. Does that answer your question?

I wonder if that’s something they should reword in the errata for the book.

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It’s how all books (and even tutorials/videos) are structured on
There’s a starter project and a final project. You typically open the starter project and follow along, to end up in the same state of the final project.
In some cases (e.g. when you start an app from scratch) there’s no starter project (like in chapter 2).
We can probably make this clearer in the introduction.

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It was obvious to me, but maybe it’s not obvious to everyone. So maybe every book needs a paragraph explaining the project structure and how to download the source code.

Hi guys,
First off, many thanks! that was some quick responses haha
umm I gotta say that it wasn’t clear to me and I read chapter 1&2 a few times before…
Its worth noting that I am kinda noob but then again we’re also part of the book target audience :slight_smile:
I can tell you from a non-native English speaker point of view all together it was pretty clear for me so far

Thanks again for your quick reply’s!