Chapter 25 - Protocol extension practice?

Hi everybody,

When I read Challenge 1 of Chapter 25.
I read this:

When on clearance, food items are discounted 50%, clothes are discounted 25% and
electronics are discounted 5%.

food is Discountable ?

but in the correction it’s whitout the Protocol Discountable :

struct Food: Taxable {
** let name: String**
** var msrp: Double**
** var clearance: Bool**
** let expirationDate: (month: Int, year: Int)**

** let taxPercentage = 0.075**

** var adjustedMsrp: Double {**
** return msrp * (clearance ? 0.50 : 1.0)**
** }**

** var description: String {**
** return “(name) - expires (expirationDate.month)/(expirationDate.year)”**
** }**

Is it normal ?


Hi @gregoirejacquin,
I hope this has been updated and fixed in the updates to the book.

While thinking about this, here’s a few tips from me,
Not everything has an expiry date, so having expiry printed in the description is not a good idea.

Also you can play with the idea of using Protocols as behaviours, which include specific properties and functions to the items.



Hi @jayantvarma,

Thank you for the answer. But I think there is an error on the challenge text or an error on the code. Nothing naughty but I wanted to understand why. In that case food item not discountable.


Hi @gregoirejacquin,
Do you have the latest version of the book?

I think you are referring to the code, not the book. Yes the code has the protocol Taxable, not Discountable.
I guess one of the authors can get back to you on this as to why they did this or if it was a simple error.



Thank you, take the time for this topic:

Here is the story of the book


Here is the correction


So we never use it adjustedMsrp for the struct Food. While the challenge says Discountable



Oui @gregoirejacquin,
thank you for that, it does seem like a typo / an error.

Perhaps since Food is not discounted, the code works, but yes it does not address the specified criteria.

Thank you for spotting this,

Merci beaucoup,


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