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Chapter 21 and 22 Unable to import toV3Completable()

Hello there,
I’m stucked at the last two chapter in Reactive Programming in Kotlin 2nd edition.

Currently, i’m unable to import
val taskDatabase = database ?: return
TaskItem(null,“Chapter 1: Hello, RxJava”, Date(), false),
TaskItem(null,“Chapter 2: Observables”, Date(), false),
TaskItem(null,“Chapter 3: Subjects”, Date(), false),
TaskItem(null,“Chapter 4: Observables and Subjects in practise”, Date(), false),
TaskItem(null,“Chapter 5: Filtering operators”, Date(), false),
).toV3Completable() ------- doesn’t import the method in my code.

I will appreciate clue and guide on how to get it resolved.
Thanks in anticipation.


I got the solution.
I was supposed to import import io.reactivex.Observable in my DAO class for the method

import statement like this

import io.reactivex.Observable

interface TaskDao {

fun insertTasks(tasks:List<TaskItem>): Completable


@syntaxtee Glad to hear you got it! Navigating RxJavav2 types vs RxJavav3 types can be a confusing process since the names of the types are the same!