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Chapter 2 - Memory Backtraces are memory locations, not symbilocated

Hey all! Working my way through chapter 2 to learn how to put these new memory tools to good use. I’m to the part where you enable Malloc Stack Logging for live allocations only (page 43 + ). After running the app again and checking the memory inspector, all I see are memory locations for the backtraces. I’m wondering if there was something else missing from the tutorial to get this to work as outlines or if I’m missing something in my Xcode or scheme setup. Any help is appreciated! Thanks

I am having the same issue. I also noticed in the book, the Memory Inspector details says “Swift closure content.” In Xcode 8.1, it says “Closure captures.” I’m not sure if that is a clue?

I am having the same issue. Xcode 8.1

Correct. I see this too.

No correction to the book yet? I am hoping for help to learn how to do this.

Same issue here. Sounds like this got broken somehow in Xcode 8.1 and there are reports that it works again in the 8.2 beta.

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Same issue here using Xcode 8.1.

Yup, i just started the tutorial and this is broken. I am moving on then.


I had success following @jgnovak’s instructions and everything is symbolicated correctly using Xcode 8.2.

Yes, that did it! Thanks