Chapter 2, "Disposing and Terminating"

Chapter 2, “Disposing and Terminating”

I have just read this section of the book and I have to say that the explanation/discussion of this process is the weakest material in the book so far. I’d like to see a revision of this section with more information about the why and how this works. Don’t forget, not everyone has studied the “bag” data structure. Why was a bag used instead of a set? I think this is the first time I have ever seen anyone actually use a bag in real world coding, and I have had a very long career in software.

This material does not require you to know any patterns in advance so if a certain paragraph is not clear please point us to it. Is the text “Managing each subscription individually would be tedious, so RxSwift includes a DisposeBag type. A dispose bag holds disposables — typically added using
the .addDisposableTo() method — and will call dispose() on each one when the dispose bag is about to be deallocated.” not clear? Or is another part of the text that you aren’t able to understand?

I understand everything that was writen in this section, I am saying that more information should be provided to explain this topic in more depth. I suppose I could provide specific examples.

yes, here is a good place to add questions - if we figure out we missed something, we’ll keep that in mind for the next edition :+1:t3: