Chapter 17 : Remove the items instance variable

I have a problem in chapter 17. I removed the items instance variable like you said and I have errors saying
“Cannot convert value of type ‘CheckListItem’ to expected argument type ‘Checklist’”.
I understand the error but I really don’t know how to solve it…

I can’t recall the part in Chapter 17 that you are talking about since I’d have to look it up, but if the error says “Cannot convert value of type ‘CheckListItem’ to expected argument type ‘Checklist’”, then that would seem to indicate that you are passing the wrong type of value (CheckListItem instead of Checklist) somewhere in your code. Check the type of the data for the lines where Xcode shows you the errors and make sure that you have the right type of data.

If you can’t solve the issue that way, then check your project against the provided final project in the book if you want to troubleshoot the issue yourself.

Alternatively, please upload your project as a ZIP file somewhere and provide a link to the ZIP file so that I (or someone else) can download the file and see what might be going on.

Thanks a lot for your answer. :slight_smile:

I made a mistake that’s why it didn’t work well…sorry

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