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Chapter 17 - ECS and Collaborative

Having conectivity issues where it’s stuck at Peer Discovered. Ran the final project from the final folder, and seems like it has similar issues. It got stuck at “Hold the Phones Together” message. Made sure that both the iPads could see the same space but doesn’t move forward to the Peer Joined.
What am I missing?
One of my iPad is iOS13.5.1 and the other is iOS 14.3

I too am having the same issue. It’s good to know I am not crazy. I can get it to work one out of every 20 tries. I tried on different recent iPhones and iPads. Something is very wrong with either the sample code or apple’s framework.

I was able to get it to work consistently by removing some of the ARAnchor references in the addGameBoardAnchor method. I removed the arAnchor and created the AnchorEntity directly from the transform. I also removed the anchoringComponent and the arview.session.add lines. I would guess from this that there is some conflict with the RealityKit sync with ARAnchors, but I don’t really know. IOS 14+ and newer devices.

It also took some time for map merge and the ARParticpantAnchor to happen (“peer connected” message). The world maps were sometimes close but also misaligned frequently.