Chapter 15 resetGame() fatal error

Thank you for creating this amazing resource
So far things have gone very well, until I created the function resetGame

with Xcode 8.3

I got as far as page 269 entering code until I noticed there was forced unwrapping. I’ve looked over the code and it seems to match, drawing a blank on what else could use adjusting. Any suggestions would be fantastic!

Thank you

The long answer (for me) was found in this post: Chapter 15, example code crashes

The short answer is that you can’t name the ball reference (obj_ball.scn) you put in game.scn “ball” for some reason. Maybe because it’s also named “ball” in the obj_ball.scn file? At any rate, I changed mine to “ball_ref” and things worked fine.

Also, you might run into a problem with the Accelerator part of this project like I did, the answer (for me) was here: Chapter 15 Accelerometer Issues

Seems to me like this forum format for errata is really inefficient. Wish there was a better way to organize this kind of information.

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