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Chapter 15.9 EnvironmentObject usage

Here is the moment at the end of the chapter, that describes “you need to add EnvironmentObject to ReaderView”:

  • One as a property - @EnvironmentObject var settings: Settings
  • Second as pass param to SettingView - .environmentObject(self.settings)
    But, even if I’ll not do this - everything works as expected. So, what is the real reason to do this?
    In challenges of 15.10 - yes, you need this, but before I don’t understand why this should be done
    Can you explain, please?

I’ll check the source today and let you know - it’s possible that we pulled the instructions into the chapter so that readers don’t have to figure out everything on their own in the challenge.

You are right - the property isn’t needed per se in the chapter - only in the challenge. I guess my intention initially was to have less guesswork in the challenge for the readers but, to your point, there’s no need to spoonfeed everything like that to the reader.

I removed that paragraph and we’ll push the change with the next update, thanks a lot for pointing this out.