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Chapter 13. StackNavigationViewStyle()

So I had a problem in chapter 13 and to ensure it wasn’t my version, I loaded the book’s “final” project.
In welcome.swift, I added .navigationViewStyle(StackNavigationViewStyle()) to the NavigationView.
I ran it with an iPhone simulator and it worked fine.
I switched to macOS and ran it on my laptop. The lists produced on the tabs (arrivals, departures, all) no longer work; i.e. they work once and then freeze.

Actually, they work intermittently with no apparent pattern. Sometimes changing to flight details and returning unblocks them.

As I investigated, I discovered that removing the NavigationViewStyle modifier doesn’t help. Similar random behaviour.

I’ve checked this on my mac and I don’t see the same problem that you ran into. I think you might be seeing a bug in Catalyst, which unfortunately isn’t unheard of. I’m using macOS 11.2.3 with Xcode 12.4. What version are you seeing the problem under?

I’m on the same versions as you. My macBook Pro is about 6 years old.
Don’t worry, I was just curious. I guess Swift UI for mac is still flaky.

Unfortunately “Catalyst is flaky” is all too often the answer.