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Chapter 13: Encountered newest iOS(14.5) bug

I think the example app have a weird bug introduced by newest iOS version(14.5):

When I tap on a row on FlightStatusBoard, FlightDetails View will open then immediately close, which should be a bug. Running the provided final project has the same behaviour.

Moreover, I tried to run Chapter 14’s final project, the above problem didn’t occur, but there’s a console message “Unable to present. Please file a bug.”.

Adding following in the beginning of WelcomeView’s VStack somehow did solve this weird problem:

NavigationLink(destination: EmptyView()) { EmptyView() }

Hi @pantsz, thank you for bringing this up. With new iOS versions it’s expected to see a bug here and there. Hopefully it will get fixed soon. Thanks again for sharing the forum thread and a work around. Will post here if I find a proper solution.